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busy busy

After Mike got home from his 9 day trip saturday night and then ended up having to work most of the day sunday and part of the day monday, his boss told him to take tuesday off. So we got to have some more of our family time on tuesday.

We did have fun on monday, we went out to my parents' lake house on Lake Travis and had dinner and some fun swimming in the lake. We just stayed in the cove and swam and played, we'll save the boating for when the lake isnt quite so crazy since we can do that whenever we like.

Andrew and Tracy have been spending 24/7 together this summer and are starting to fight a little more than normal, heck I mean even non sibling adults can get on each others nerves if they are together all the time, let alone sibling preschoolers. So anyhow, I decided they could use a little time apart here and there. Tuesday Mike took Andrew to the movies to see "The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3D" Andrew had been asking to see this movie. I had read the reviews written by 50 year old men who seemed to think it was kind of stupid, and I thought, my 5 year old boy will love it. Anyhow, the boys had a great time at the show, and even went for some ice cream afterwards. Tracy and I went to her gymnastics class and then out to Fazolis for lunch. Tracy ate a huge plate of spaghetti (her favorite food) and two breadsticks and then said "mom, can I have your breadstick?" Dang, she's a bottomless pit. It was nice to hang out with her and not have to listen to whining noises all the time. Loren was with us, and she is my sweet babygirl, but honestly she's pretty much just cute baggage at this stage of her life :)

We also went camera shopping yesterday, because I had been wanting to get a smaller camera than the big Canon 20D SLR to use when I dont want a whole backpack of lenses and also to let Andrew use. We got another Canon, its a Powershot SD 200 digital elph. We are very happy with it so far. Takes nice pictures and also very nice video and it it super TINY. Andrew has already taken hundreds of pictures and lots of videos with it. I'll put some of his fabulous work up later on.

Today Mike flew out to San Jose. Since he didnt want to miss much more time with us, he just flew out in the morning and is flying home late tonight. Poor guy had to get up at like 4:20 this morning to catch his flight. He takes these Austin-San Jose directs all the time on AA that people call the "nerd birds" because its all tech geeks going back and forth. It's nice of him to do that just so he doesnt have to miss a day with us, I know it wears him out.

We have just been playing at home today having a lazy morning, with a little bit of dishes, cleaning, laundry thrown in so its not a total waste. I am going to take the kids to a neighborhood pool this afternoon to wear them out so they will actually go to bed on time. I prefer to wait until late in the afternoon so I dont have to use 18 gallons of nasty sunscreen on them like if you go during 12-2 timeframe, plus its somewhat less crowded later on.

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