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Daddy's home

We made it to Day 9. Yesterday at 6:15 pm we picked up Daddy from the airport. Good to have him home now. We came home and relaxed and got some pizza at home since he was kind of jet lagged. The kids were happy and excited to show him things we had been doing all week.

We are relaxing today and have a baseball game to go to tonight. It's going to have a big fireworks show afterward celebrating Independence Day so should be a good one, considering how great the fireworks are even when it's not a holiday. Tracy has been bugging my parents all season to go with us to a game and they are going to go with us tonight so we'll have all the grandparents with us.

Yes, I am still freaked out, but we are going to go anyway and have a good time. If we decide we dont want to sit in our seats we can always hang out at the playground and walk around the concourse. My mother in law has been checking on the poor injured kid. He's still in the hospital but he is in stable condition, they just want to make sure he doesnt get an infection like meningitis or something while he is healing. I am sure in the end he is going to be fine, just sad for a little kid to have to deal with that kind of pain.

My kids finally got up, so I guess I will go see what they are doing and get our lazy day started.

Update--Mike had to run into work for a little while, some big thing broke or something. (yeah, that's the technical description) He really didnt want to go. At least he's only like 5 miles away, not across the ocean.

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