dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Fun with sugar.

Today the kids needed something to do so I whipped up some real quick sugar cookies and then got out all the cake decorating stuff to let them decorate a couple of cookies just for the fun (and mess) of it. They started out with one color, then another, then sprinkles, then another color... until there was simply was more frosting than cookie and they were truly disgusting.  Need milk now.

First they waited patiently for the cookies to bake...

It starts out alright, they are having fun.

That one was pretty yummy actually.  Mostly just food spray paint and some gel and sprinkles.

She accidentally spilled the red sprinkles on the cookie.

Here's all the paraphernalia, Andrew thinks his cookie now looks delicious.  Ugh, I need a glass of milk just looking at it.

This one had so much sugar on it that Andrew said it was spicy and he couldn't eat it. (He eventually came back an hour later and ate it)

Tracy's latest masterpiece.
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