dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,


Yesterday Andrew asked if he could make a pinata out of a paper mache pig that he had made in school last month.  I said sure.  So he cut a hole in the top and stuffed a bunch of candy in the hole.  I wrapped a rope around it and hung it from the tree on our deck.  The kids had a great time whacking it and breaking it apart and grabbing for candy.

Andrew's Turn

Tracy's turn (we eventually lowered it for her)

"When Pigs Fly..."

There's a crack and some candy fell out, kids scramble for SUGAR HIGHS.

Another whack and more candy goes flying.  Look closely for Hershey bars and Tootsie rools headed right for me.

Ack, the head broke completely off.  But there is still more whacking to do.
(oh lord, I just re-read that, shut up)

Goooo  Tracy!

...Must... get... candy...

It's nearly over.

Check out that stance, batterbatterbatterbatter...SAwing batter.

And its dead.
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