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Loosest Slots.

So I meant to write all about our RV trip a few weeks back and just have been to busy to do it.  One thing I think is funny about road trips is how I manage to amuse myself the entire time reading signs.  I mean Loosest Slots written in giant letters across a 50 ft billboard.  Right, so everyone KNOWS what that means, but who cant help but let the little Beavis and Butthead that lives in all of us mutter... uh huh huh huh "loosest slots" huh huh.

A lot of the funniest signs I saw I would go by too fast to get a picture, but here's a few. cut for your pleasure.

Mile 1.  We actually went about 3300 miles on the trip.
Uh, well, hmmm.
I think I've been to "queen city" and last I recall it wasnt a truck stop.
I just liked this sign.
Self explanatory.
  I always found it odd that you needed a sign for a scenic view.  I found it even odder (ok, I can make up my own words) that a scenic view closed.

Signs I laughed at but didnt take pictures of:
Powhite parkway-- which I automatically read as Powhite trash parkway.
Hungry Mother State Park-- I am often a hungry mother.
My favorite sign I saw was a big one on a construction building that said "SEAN'S STEEL ERECTIONS" in huge block letters.

I also think some towns paint their water towers creatively, including a bushel of apples or a hot air balloon...


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