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Sick kid part 2.

Friday Andrew came down to get ready for school and said he was sick. I told him he wasnt and that having some breakfast would make him feel better. He got dressed, ate, and we started to head out the door. For some reason he picked up the thermometer that was on the counter that I had out from when Loren had a massive fever from her ear infections. He put it in his mouth and it shot up past 100. *bad mommy moment* I would have sent him off to school that way. So anyway I agreed that he was sick and told him to go lay down on the couch. By that afternoon I realized he almost definitely had strep throat and I wanted to get him the antibiotics for it so I called the doc. I love my doc office. I called between 1:30 and 2 pm on a friday during cold a flu season and they gave me a 3pm appointment. I took first available which wasnt with my regular doc, it was with the HOT doctor again. sweet. Hey, if I have to sit home with sick kids all day I'm allowed 5 minutes to chat with a cute doctor about bacteria. We got Andrew the drugs he needed and after a pretty sickly day he was good as new the next morning.