dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Poor Loren.

The whole family came down with a cold over Thanksgiving weekend. Well, we all started feeling better after a few days except Loren. She kept getting worse and a fever and more fever. Yesterday her fever was quite high and she was just acting miserable and pitiful. Very unlike her, you could just see the misery in her face. So this morning I took her into the doctor. Turns out she has two raging ear infections. Pretty much what I had guessed. So anyhow, decongestant, fever reducer, pain reliever, and amoxicillin should all help.

Oh and my kids should get sick more often and have their regular doctor too busy, because the other doc at the practice is HOT. *drool*

Yesterday Mike was very helpful and took Andrew to school on his way to the airport so I didnt have to wake the girls up to drag them with me. I did get up and get Andrew ready, but then I got to relax for a while which was nice since I havent been getting super regular sleep with Loren being sick. This morning I drove him to school because it was just easy to warm up the car, run grab each girl out of bed and throw her in her carseat, instead of having to get them up and dressed in warm clothes and coats for the bike ride especially with them being sick. I will probably do the same tomorrow with it being cold and them sick. (It's not just that I'm being too lazy to ride them ;) We still have been walking home in the afternoons since its usually warm and nice by then. Mike is only gone for a few days and then Andrew and I can go back to riding to school.

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