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The rest of the weekend, Sunday and Salsa Festival

Sunday we relaxed in the morning.  Since it was the day before Halloween we decided we'd better get to carving a pumpkin.  We decided to carve the big pumpkin that Andrew got at Sweet Berry Farm last weekend.  Andrew was kind of grossed out by the scooping out the insides part.  He kept saying it smelled funny.  He was very excited to find a pumpkin seed that had germinated and started growing inside.  He wants to try the seeds.  Andrew drew the face on the pumpkin and I cut it out.  It turned out pretty good.  We had fun taking it in the bathroom to look at it in the complete darkness, plus it made a cool face projected on the opposite wall.
I forgot to take pictures so I just took one.  Here's Jack a few days old.

After that it was time for:

I dont get to go out much with three kids under 6 but I and my entire family are huge Monte Montgomery fans.  Well even when I have a sitter it's hard to get to those late 10pm shows.  So, the whole family headed down sunday to Adobe Verde in Gruene for Paul & Monte's Salsa Fest
I have to say we had an absolutely fabulous time. 

The food was delicious, the weather perfect for an outdoor show,  the atmosphere fun and relaxing, and Monte and his friends and family entertained everyone with music from 2 until about 8:30...  All afternoon and evening.  I couldnt have asked for anything more.  We got got cool Salsa Fest Tshirts even.  We really enjoyed many of the artists that were there, though I dont remember all of their names.   I remember one of the guitarists was Dale Mayfield.  I was wondering what the keyboardists name was, he played a cool mix of rock/jazz stuff.  Monte did a lot of playing fun covers with the other musicians.  It seemed really relaxed and just cool.  There were only a few Monte originals (I would have liked a few more) but it was really fun seeing him play all these other songs that I would not have normally heard from him, Police, Elton, Tom Petty, etc    Monte's mother came up for two or three songs, including of course her beautiful Angel in Montgomery.  Monte was even joined on stage by his little baby son Mason.  Mason strummed a few times on Monte's guitar and then sat in with Phil on the drums for an entire song.  He was just drumming along and doing a great job for a tiny tike, it was SO cute.  Later on in the night when Phil had left the stage someone in the audience suggested he could get Mason to fill in :)

I had a really great time because there was an area off to the side that had a dirt area and they had kids activities set up so Andrew and Tracy got to play while mom and dad relaxed and listened to the music.  Well later on in the evening they put the games away so my kids were just playing in the dirt.  At one point Andrew was watching Monte and Monte stops and points him out to the audience and says something like "hey, check this kid out, no mom, I'm not putting dirt in my pockets."  Andrew pretty much wants to be Monte so being acknowledged by him (even if it was for playing in the dirt) pretty much made his night.  The other funny part was at the very same time Tracy was laying on the ground behind Andrew making dirt angels which kind of cracked everyone up. 

What a great weekend.   Both days full and busy but with so much fun packed in with both family and adult activities, we all had a wonderful time.

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