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Another crazy busy fun weekend

   Last weekend was another weekend where we had tons of things going on. Saturday was the big fall carnival at Andrew's elementary school. I walked up to the school with Loren and Tracy in the double stroller. Andrew didnt feel like walking so Mike and him drove up. I volunteered in one of the game booths for the first hour or so while Mike took the three kids around to the games and crafts. I was working a ring toss game that had pringles packages as the prizes. It took all my willpower not to skim some pringles. When I was relieved by another volunteer I took all three kids and Mike left to go meet a friend of his to buy his car. We did some more activities like pony rides, mini golf, a roulette style carnival game, and had a great time. Andrew putted a hole in one and got to spin for a prize and won $25 in a savings account from some local bank. He was pretty stoked and talked about it all day. After we finished playing at the carnival I loaded all three kids (somehow?!) into my double jogger and ran home just in time to pack up for Tracy's birthday party. Andrew was going to walk but he was getting tired and I was running very late.

   Mike pulled in the driveway right as I got home. He bought his boss's BMW 740iL. We had debated for days over whether or not to buy it but it was a good deal and has lots of room for the kiddos in the back and we figured if we decided in the end we didnt want it we could sell it, but if we didnt buy it we couldnt change our mind. So anyway, we now have three cars, for what reason I dont really know, but well they all are really nice :)

   So anyway, Mike and I both got home around 2 and Tracy's birthday party started at 2:30. We really quicked packed up some drinks, party favors, the cookie cake, got the kids ready, stuffed them into the car and zoomed to the swim school and got there just before 2:30. Tracy had her school friends party at the pool where she takes swimming lessons. Its pretty sweet because you get to have the whole indoor pool to yourself. Not very many kids showed up, but a few did and it was just perfect for Tracy who doesnt really like crowds or craziness. We all had a really great time. All the kids swam like crazy for over an hour and then we dried off, got dressed and did the singing, cake, presents. The cookie cake was a hit. It was completely wiped off the map, not a crumb left. Tracy doesnt really like cake, just sometimes eats the frosting off so I usually get those giant cookies with writing on them like you see a the cookie store in the mall for her parties. Tracy really liked her presents, standard girls fare... princess dress up stuff, princess toy CD player, and tons of Polly pocket stuff including a little car the turns into a stretch limo with a hot tub.  You know, the Polly necessities.  The party went great, Tracy really had a wonderful time and actually was social and not scared or anything.

   We got home around 5 from her party and had to get ready for a big Halloween party we wanted to go to.  We decided to screw trying to be on time, it was supposed to be at 6, it was like 45 minutes away and we didnt even have costumes yet.  Since we hadnt gotten around to getting costumes Mike ran out to my parents house to grab their clown costumes (Some costumes my grandma made years ago that are pretty much what we throw on whenever we need a costume for anything!)  He grabbed some Wendy's on the way home and we scarfed some food, got the whole family in their costumes and headed out to the country for the big party.  We walked in the door and there were about 10 families or so of adults and kids all in crazy great costumes.  Everyone thought the clowns were hilarious.  I did end up having to take my wig/nose off because Loren was absolutely FREAKED OUT.  The party was an absolute blast.  We stayed really late, the kids all kept each other entertained playing and the adults were free to party, drink, talk and generally have a great time.  The hosts had made a haunted house, had a pinata, a campfire, and a big barbeque dinner. I had brought some balloons as part of my clown costume and with my limited abilities managed to amuse the kids by twisting some dogs, swords, and flowers for them.   Andrew ended up falling asleep on the couch along with some of the other kids, probably around 10 or so.  Tracy had fallen asleep in the car after her birthday party for a brief nap so she was awake with all the adults to the very end.  We were about the last ones to leave other than those that decided to crash at the party.  I just dont get to get out and have that "hanging out with adults" feeling very often and when I do its hard to let it end.

We drove home and all crashed in bed after our long day saturday.  I will leave sunday to the next post because this is way too long already.

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