dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

My son and girls.

Yesterday Andrew was playing a video game he loves called Need for Speed-Underground. He is frighteningly good at this game, wins most of the races-- sprint, drag, circuit, whatever, even with it set to manual transmission. In any case, after one of the races he won, it showed his car on the front of a magazine. He said, "Mom, my car was on the front of a magazine and there was a girl standing by the car like this." *strikes a pose* I said, "Is she a pretty girl?" He said, "hmm, more like a HOT girl." teehee.

This morning Andrew and I were chatting while getting ready for school. He said, "You know mom, I dont think its true that girls are icky. Some of my friends at school say that girls are icky and I just dont believe it. Like Katie, I am friends with her. So I just dont believe it OK?"


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