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I know lots of people are writing about this but I must comment on the weather.

According to the calendar Fall started this year on Thursday September 22. Here in Texas we had a special intermediate mini-season before fall could begin, that season was called HELL. Temperatures were between 100-110 all week with not a drop of rain to be seen for miles. Thats how it was when I went to bed last night.

This morning Andrew insisted on wearing a jacket for his ride to school and still complained the whole way there that he was cold. It was probably around 70 degrees, windy and cloudy. It felt great and refreshing. I actually turned my AC off for a little while and opened some windows to get some fresh air in the house. Now it probably wont stay quite this cool, but the weather liars think that we are probably done with triple digit temps for the year.

I don't typically mind hot weather, I enjoy it even, I mean that is why I moved to the south, but it had gotten pretty ridiculous.

Feels so good today.