dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Part 10: Leaving Arusha

Back to school got me off track with my journal, but I am going to finish it!  Here's the next step on out journey.

We had a wonderful week with the Hale's at the university.  Time had come to head out on our other adventures in Tanzania!

It was amazing to see all the ways Tanzanians are working hard to make a better life, all the sacrifices they make, meals they miss, pain they suffer, and problems they solve. They don't have all the resources we do here so they have to be smart and resourceful and tough to get through many daily activities we take for granted.  They are happy for the few hours they have electricity, not frustrated with the many hours they dont.  Many will give something even when they have nothing to give. I was moved by the giving spirit of the people from outside to have come to help them make their lives better.

Our kids really enjoyed getting to spend time with the Hale's kids.   A great group, I'd take em all ;)

There was much silliness

And togetherness...

And then departure.
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