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Part 9: Concert

As part of their semester final the music students at the university put on a music performance.   We were very excited to be able to be at this show.   There were basically three parts of the show, the first was a brass performance, the second was singing of songs from the US musical Godspell, and the third was Tanzanian singing, dancing, and drumming.  One of the cool things the music students are doing is documenting a lot of Tanzanian music from their local villages and other areas, music that doesnt have any written record so they are helping to create a record of music history for Tanzania.

Tanzanians are not known for their punctuality so we were surprised when we walked into the concert hall how packed it was already still a good 15-20 minutes before the show.  People from all over the town, some busloads of school children, other university students, and many others packed the Assembly Hall.  We found some seats on the far side but they weren't the most ideal for getting good photos, of course we took plenty anyway :)


The show was a ton of fun.    It was just so full of life and spirit.   Music is just something that has that magical power, across all people, places, cultures, economic level, primitive or modern societies equally. 

The choir was a mix of staff and students. There were some really talented soloists who sang songs from the musical.

The dancing and drumming really is really high energy and fun!

The dance below had the audience rolling with laughter because it was a dance traditionally performed by women, but the men performed it and had put kangas around their chest to... well... look more womanly.   The dancing was quite spirited resulting in some wardrobe malfunction as visible in the dancer exiting the stage to the right.   The audience loved the dance but couldn't help but laugh :)

This dance looked like a more traditional Maasai dance.

For this dance they encouraged the audience to join in and they were dancing up and down the aisles and assimilating audience members as they went.

Daryl grabbed a somewhat overwhelmed Tracy and she joined in the line of dancers!

Oh and you can see Mike and Tom's ramp in the lower right :)  It helped a lot for the dancers to be able to go up and down a ramp and not a giant step onto the stage while thinking about the dance steps.

After the concert we visited with Sululu again and talked with him about maybe visiting Austin some time while he is in the US finishing his masters.   We also found Hezron to thank him again for hosting us at his party on thursday.   He pulled out one of the best cross cultural differences/similarities I had heard.   After saying it was his honor to have us attend his party he said, "Hey, I'm always looking for an excuse to slaughter a goat!!"   Though we may phrase it a little differently, aren't we all?  ;)

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