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Part 7: Cultural Heritage Museum and Arumera Lodge

After hanging out with Tom and Daris friday morning, in the afternoon we decided to brave driving on the roads through Arusha and we borrowed Tom and Daris's car and headed to the Cultural Heritage Museum. I don't think I would have done it, but Mike can drive anything anywhere, and navigated the chaos with little trouble.   The museum is a very modern, large, clean museum somewhat incongruous with the more primitive surroundings. It is a beautiful building made in the shape of a large drum and shield honoring the history and culture of Tanzania.

The inside had a cool spiral walkway that made it easy to go through all the different sections of paintings and sculptures.
There were sculptures and paintings from many periods through history as well as many areas of Tanzania.  It was really interesting and I was surprised how long the kids really enjoyed looking at everything and how fascinated they were by all the different styles of art.

Outside they had a replica of a Maasai doma or the huts they live in.

The kids all checked it out!

A big crocodile sculpture tried eating all of the kids, but luckily they escaped.

On the way home we drove by the clock tower in Arusha.  This clock tower in folklore is known as the midpoint between Cairo and Capetown.  In reality supposedly that would fall somewhere in the Congo, though I think the tower is about equidistant to both, just not on a straight line between the two.   It is also seen in the John Wayne movie Hatari! part of which was filmed in Arusha.

We survived an even hairier car trip back home since it was evening and quite busy on the roads.   Tom and Daris were awesome and took the kids for the evening while Mike and I went out to dinner at the nearby beautiful Arumeru River Lodge.  I had beef stew and ugali (a sort of grits like corn meal) and a delicious tropical fresh fruit dessert.   All the fruits and vegetables were always fresh and flavorful and delicious!!
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