dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Part 4: Monkeys on campus

On campus instead of squirrels running everywhere, there are monkeys!! I think to locals they are basically a nuisance but I wasn't there long enough to get over the novelty of them. Monkeys are so cute! There were some mornings we'd be sleeping and we'd hear thunder-like noises and it was actually just monkeys running around on the metal roof.

Here's some videos I took of the monkeys being monkeys! They weren't really bothered by me standing right next to them.

More monkey pics!

If you look real close between the branches in the picture below you can see a baby monkey clinging to its mother's belly

Monkeys play fighting

Loren insisted I take this photo of monkey poop.   I think she was fascinated by the flies!!  If you got too close it would explode into an iridescent green and black buzzing cloud!
Tags: monkeys, tanzania
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