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Part 2: Arrive in Arusha

We arrived at Kilimanjaro International airport tuesday evening, having left Austin monday morning! Our friends sent a driver to pick us up and bring us to the university. They wanted to come themselves but had a rehearsal for the concert coming up at the end of the week. We loaded up our bags and piled in.

Loren was pretty excited that we were there!!

It was dark already and on the drive to Arusha from the airport the kids were amazed by the sky and sheer number of stars that are visible when you get away from city lights.

Daris met us at the university gate and took us to the guest house where we would be staying for the week. After moving our bags in we headed over to the building where the concert rehearsal was going on. The music students and staff were all there rehearsing and despite interrupting them we were introduced and treated as honored guests. We watched the last few songs and then greeted and chatted with some of the students.

We headed back to the Hale's house to hang out and have a beer and chat for a while. I had really wanted to bring a big melty plate of nachos to them from Austin since they had been missing those, but they dont pack well so I brought over a suitcase friendly though nominally comparable bag of fritos and canned cheese dip which were excitedly received by all. A couple hours later we headed back to the guest house and went to bed.

We were 8 hours ahead of Austin time in Tanzania, but we hadnt really gotten all that much sleep on the plane so we had no problem falling asleep that night. In fact, we were woken up the next morning by the Hale children coming to tell us it was time for chai (tea time) which is at 11am!!!!

The Hale's were at rehearsal by the time we made it over there but the house ladies had left us out some sweet breads and chai. The chai is black tea with milk, cinnamon, and sugar and was sweet and delicious!

We were all getting settled in here in Arusha at Makumira University.

Here are the modern classroom buildings on campus.

Hale's staff house at the university

The side of the guest house where we were staying, complete with some of our laundry hanging outside.

There are lots of fascinating and cool plants all over the campus, it is beautiful. This is what people call a sausage tree because it looks like it grows sausages!!



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Aug. 1st, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC)

Really enjoying these posts! The car shot makes me curious...did you have to do boosters for the kids or is that not required? Love the sausage tree...are those the seedpods or something?

Aug. 1st, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC)
Heh, regarding driving... there aren't really any rules. It's total mayhem. No one even wears seatbelts. Which is crazy since no one follows any rules it's ridiculously dangerous. I am going to hit the driving topic in a later post :)

I the sausages are a sort of woody fruit. Not eaten by humans but some animals eat them. The scientific name is a kigela tree but the common name is sausage tree :)

Edited at 2011-08-01 03:54 pm (UTC)
Aug. 1st, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
EEEE! This is so neat. I wish I had gotten such a cool opportunity (to see another country) when I was a kid. Looking forward to more pictures and posts.
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