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Part 1 of many. Getting there.

Sunday June 26th... Over the weekend we packed and got our menagerie of pets set up with the various pet sitters. Sunday evening we enjoyed a few relaxing drinks with the neighbors and then hit the sack to rest for our big adventure!

On Monday Jun 27th we loaded all our luggage and drove to Houston to catch our KLM flight to Amsterdam. We had an uneventful drive and arrived in Houston with plenty of time to grab some lunch and relax before the flight in the afternoon. The KLM flights are very pleasant, there are entertainment screens in the back of every seat with movies, tv shows, video games, music channels, and flight information. The flight information showed 5138 miles to go when we started. That's a long way for just the first leg of out flight!

The flight attendants gave the kids some toy and activity packs that were a fun distraction for quite a while before most of the kids settled down for some movies. Though acting goofy was on the list too. Did you know neck pillows make lovely headbands?

And we also discovered that Tracy, Loren, and I can all fit into the bathroom on the plane despite how tiny it is!!!

We had fun the whole flight, watching movies, playing games and generally hanging out. The kids all behaved great. The food on the flight was actually quite yummy. They came to serve us breakfast towards the end of the flight because we were landing first thing in the morning in Amsterdam. Due to the fact that none of us had slept yet, that was a clue that we might have some jet lag issues :)

The Netherlands is one of the largest users of wind produced electricity. On the way into Amsterdam you can see some of the large windfarms they have out in the water.

We had a short layover in Amsterdam but made it to our next flight on time. Everyone was tired and becoming delirious, Loren entered a mental daze and started quietly sobbing but overall the kids did great. We were about half way there!

The second leg of the flight was from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. There was lots of sleeping by everyone on that flight, which had us all feeling just fine by the time we arrived in Tanzania.

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