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I went to look through my journal and realized I've been so busy living and having fun that I havent bothered to write about it. I dont think that's a bad thing but I do like to have my yearbooks of all the fun things I get to do with my family and friends so I am going to go back in time and do some summaries of what I missed writing about!

Ah, October was a crazy one for sure!

October 3
Rockband Poker Party at the Hahns!
Had a great time with our friends at the Hahn's poker and Rockband party!
Photoset here

October 4
I came home from swim class and the kids wanted to go play in the rain which is one of their favorite past times. The whole family was playing in the rain and then it turned into a mudfight!!
Hilarious Photoset here

October 10
Lebowski Fest
Had a great time going to watch "The Big Lebowski" with a bunch of other fans and with the Pinheads down at Stubbs. Complete with White Russians.

October 16th
Cameron Park Zoo Cub Scout campout
Had an amazing unbelievable time at the the behind the scenes nighttime tour of the zoo with up close viewing of rhinos, giraffes, lions, and tigers in their night cages. A fun night camping with all the scouts and a delightful following day touring one of the nicest, best designed zoos I have been to. Check out the giraffe tongue!!!
Lots of fun and awesome animals photoset here

October 22
Tracybug turns 8. Holy smokes they are growing up fast.
From this...
To this...

October 25
Trip to Sweet Berry Farms!
Loved the cornfield maze!
Corn and pumpkins and trains and crazy hawk at restaurant photoset here!

October 26-31 A full week of Halloween mayhem! Our favorite holiday!
Our best family costume YET!!!

First of the Halloween extravaganza! The annual over the top Nelson Halloween party.
The haunted house entrance

Our annual "HALL"-o-ween party!
We went a little silly with the black light and highlighters.

The Halloween day They Might Be Giants family concert at House of Blues!

Trick or Treating up in Dallas with friends

The best photoset of October is the Halloween Extravaganza set! Probably the best one of the year!!


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