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Monte at the Beacon

There is this woman who lives in Georgetown that set up her own music venue in her backyard. It's a fun, intimate music venue. She made it to help out musicians and help promote them and to give people out in Georgetown a place to go for some good music. It's called the Beacon. The owner Carla is friends with Monte so she was able to book Monte Montgomery out at her venue. Mike and I decided to go because it was sort of a unique place to see him and we are of course some of his biggest fans. Totally worth it, we had a great time and he put on a great show of course.


Mike and I having fun at the show.

They had a meet and greet after the show. We got CDs and posters signed and a photo with the band. I felt like such a squeeing teenager, minus the actual squeeing.

Monte played a lot of the favorites, tore it up with his Little Wing rendition (the song that is on the Grammy ballot this year), hit Sara Smile, 1st and repair, etc but he also did a lot of other stuff that just cracked me up. People were yelling out joke requests and he just started doing them. One person yelled out "Manilow!!" and Monte busts out and plays Mandy. Holy cow I was laughing so hard. He totally knew the song and all the words. I didnt record it because I was just enjoying the moment so much and cracking up and didnt think to get out my camera. Well then someone yells out "Freebird!" and "Stairway to heaven!!" and Monte just makes a funny face and says, "Let's just get this over with and do it!" He proceeds to play a hybrid of the two songs where he plays the music for one and sings the words to the other and then switches in the middle and then ends it with Stairway to Freebird. I decided to record that because I thought it was hilarious. Here's "Stairway to Freebird"

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