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New to us RV!

Our trusty old motorhome that we got about 5 years ago finally bit the dust when the insurance company decided to total it due to interior water damage and exterior hail damage. We used that as an excuse to upgrade to a slightly larger and newer motorhome. We were looking for a specific layout with a bedroom in the back with enough beds for all the kids and it's not a very common layout. We wanted to find one used and not spend three times the amount on new one. We found one but it was located in Florida. On Labor Day weekend Mike was heading home from a business trip friday so instead of flying home he flew to meet the owner in Florida. He checked it out and bought it saturday morning and started the long trek home. He got home sunday afternoon with our new RV! It's a 29foot Fleetwood bunkhouse model Class C motorhome. It's much newer and nicer and fits our family a little better than our old one that we bought when we only had two kids.

0909 013

Sitting in the new RV.

Awesome bunk bed kids room in the back.  Loren is standing on the little shelf you can stand on to get up in the top bunks.  Unfortunately on our first camping trip Andrew flipped off the top bunk in his sleep.  Ouch.   Maybe he'll sleep on a bottom one.  Otherwise I need to rig up some rails.
0909 016

We parked the two RVs with the coach doors straight across from each other to move all our stuff from the old one to the new one.

And yes, there was a rainbow to light our way!
Bye bye old coachmen buddy!  You gave us lots of fun times!

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