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Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and relaxed. Mike did some flight planning while we hung out with Becky and Rex and her cousin and family. Then around lunch time we headed out to the airport to head back home. Rex took us to the airport.
And then we were back on our way!



Our badass pilot.
Nice glasses.

We landed in Bowling Green KY to get fuel for the plane and decided to take a rest break at MickeyD's.
The kids enjoyed getting to play in the playground for a few minutes.
Then it was back to the plane. The airport there was VERY nice.
Load up!
For some reason we are endlessly entertained by taking snacks with us that blow up when we get up in the air. Even though we see it everytime we still think it's hilarious.

The trip from Bowling Green KY to Henderson TX was full of stunning skies.



This is our pet horse cloud.
I liked the cloud in this one that looked like a volcano when the sun hid behind it.

I read Slaughterhouse Five on the plane trip there and back. Quick read, typical Vonnegut style, but I found it very interesting and liked it.


Loren started naming all the colors in the sky and was naming every color she knew practically.  Then she said this was the best night of her life because the whole sky was a rainbow for her.   It was so cute I was dying.


Back at Georgetown Airport!!

Driving home from the airport. It was about midnight sunday when we got home. Andrew fell asleep, the girls pretended to be asleep on top of him. They were just pretending, you can kind of see Loren smiling ;)
  I was so proud of the kids on this trip. With all the traveling stuck in the cramped plane they NEVER complained one bit the entire time. Before going on this trip I was prepared for some parts of it to be pretty miserable, but it wasnt at all! We all had a really great time! That said, it'll probably be a while before we do a trip that quick again. Next time we'll actually plan and take the time to stop and visit more people and places. This was still just a fun adventure that we did just because we could!


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Aug. 9th, 2009 07:43 am (UTC)
hahaha I thought that last pic was taken on the plane. So funny!

I just looooove sky pictures! I have a book I printed of some sky pictures I took while flying over a 1 month period. I'd love to show it to you and your family sometime!! What a wonderful memory about every color in the sky. The sky is so beautiful sometimes. Beyond words.

It's really neat to see the pictures after following your updates on facebook!

The portrait of the three of them at McD's is just beautiful. Can Loren just keep her cute little baby face like that forever? It's so adorably cute and small compared to her older siblings!
Aug. 9th, 2009 04:00 pm (UTC)
I love looking at everything out the window when flying, the sky and clouds and all the stuff on on the ground, rivers, mountains and cities. I'd love to see your book sometime, that is so cool that you made something like that. Sometimes I think that photos dont really capture the emotion of the beauty you get from looking at it live but it's still fun to see.
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