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Hartsock Visit Part 1 Getting there!

A long time family friend of ours throws a big annual barbecue at his farm in Maryland. After getting the invitation we thought, heck we could go if we wanted to! With work and weather issues we were still wavering right up until friday when we decided, what the heck, LETS GO!

So we decided to take our plane and fly up to Maryland for the annual Pig Roast at Tom Hartsock's farm and then fly home all in one weekend. Tom is rabidcat Becky's dad and we've been friends with their family for almost 25 years. (wow, that kinda makes me feel old) Friday we decided to wait to leave until the evening because there was a giant line of storms along the eastern states that we couldnt really get around in our plane. And it turned out Mike really needed to work that day anyway. So it was past about 6pm by the time we got all loaded up in our plane and took off from the airport in Georgetown.

Loading up!
We were pretty stuffed in there as usual!
Taking off! (Lots of brown scenery in central texas, didnt go too far before the ground was back to being green)
There was a big storm in our way so we headed east to go around it before heading northeast back on track.
Georgetown TX to Lebanon TN.
Always lot of cool clouds to see from up there. I love just looking out the window when we fly.
Sometimes nature puts on a light show!!
Sunset as we are leaving Texas.
We landed late at night in Tennessee at Lebanon airport.
We walk from the airport to a nearby hotel. Carrying bags and pillows down a street at nearly midnight makes you look kind of like a homeless family. The kids were very good about walking and not complaining! We got to the hotel and were starving and bought a bunch of snacks from the snack shop at the hotel plus some more snacks for the trip the next morning.
After not nearly enough sleep we got up before dawn Saturday morning to get back on our way. I was so surprised at what troopers the kids were getting up in the middle of the night after not much sleep and walking back to the airport with no complaining. We had to run down to Murfreesboro to get fuel for the plane because Lebanon didnt have pay at the pump and wasnt open yet, but after that little detour we were back on our way.
Here's the sun trying to come up as we are now headed to Maryland.
The kids entertain themselves on the longer flights watching movies and playing games on their iPods. They are the perfect airplane entertainment with games, movies, etc all in a tiny tiny package.
We also entertain ourselves by eating. Andrew nom nom noms some pretzels.
Around 10am we landed at Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg MD.
Becky came and picked us up at the airport and brought us back to the farm.

We were there in plenty of time for the party that afternoon! Hooray!
Tags: flying, maryland, vacation

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