dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Why hello there!

This morning I went to throw some recycling stuff in the recycle can when I noticed something in the trash can!


When I first saw him he was actually looking like this...

I thought "oh no! another raccoon died in our trashcan!" (This happened once a few years ago). But then he looked up at me. He was a total cutie!

I went inside and got all the kids. They were so exited to see a little raccoon. They thought it was SOOO cute!! We looked at it for a little while and then I dumped over the trashcan and it ran away! I wanted to let it go but not be around in case it was a little scared or mad. After tipping it it just ran across the driveway and ran away.

Raccoons eat out of our trash every night. We have a little porch that we pull the trash can up to that is right at the level of the top of the cans. It's nice for us, so easy to throw big bags of trash off it into the cans but that also makes it very convenient for them to just hop in and feast! They sometimes leave wrappers on the porch but I just toss them back in the next day. This dude was a little guy and the can was pretty empty and I think he was just too low down to climb back out. I know some of his buddies did because there were wrappers on the porch.

Andrew took a video of us looking at him and dumping him out but he wasnt holding the flip camera still so it's quite vomit inducing with the shaking, but still kind of fun to watch.
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