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There is not much a much better visual of the Austin drought than seeing the change in Lake Travis.

My parents live on what used to be a cove off the main part of Lake Travis. For a year now their dock has been sitting on the ground as their cove shrinks in towards the main lake.

A google maps clip shows what their cove used to look like. It's kind of hard to read the words, but they point to their house and their dock down on the water's edge. It's a great place with the normal water level, a nice quiet cove to swim and party in.

Here's a photo taken from Mike's plane a few weeks ago of the same cove.  The green inland from the tip of the water is all plant growth that has taken over where the water used to be.  Mom still can walk farther and farther down to the water to swim but then has to do a slalom course between the overlapping docks being pushed to the middle of what's left of the cove.

And their dock from the ground.  Photographer standing where water used to be.  Most of those white stairs to the left go under at normal lake levels.
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