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Day 6 Volente Beach

Monday we decided to head to Volente Beach for some pool fun. We had considered something more adventurous like SeaWorld but decided to do something close to home. VB is less than a mile from my parents house and they can park at the marina they moved their boat to which is actually closer than VB's own parking so it's super convenient.





Volente Beach ride called the Sidewinder, or as we like to call it the giant TACO. When you ride with Mike you hit the top of both sides, it's scary!

Ok, I was having a little too much fun adding sound effects to this one. I'm a goober.
Volente Beach ride called the Texas Twister, it's kind of like flushing yourself down the toilet!!

Our day at VB was interrupted when poor Cousin Sam tried to launch himself down one of the tube slides and accidentally whacked the back of his head on the slide and busted it open. There was a split at least an inch long. The first aid people at VB bandaged him up and and then Mike and David took Sam to the doc to get his head stapled up. Poor Sam was pretty bummed out about the whole thing, but he was a trooper and handled it very bravely and hopefully is doing okay now. I have photos but decided to spare you the graphic details.

Some of us stayed for a little longer and headed down to the lake which is a hike down from the beach at the moment, but they have a little climber slide you can play on.


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Jul. 11th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)
I have photos but decided to spare you the graphic details.

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