dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

My first Danskin!

Today I did my first Danskin Triathlon. I had a really good time. Mike and his brother Tony and all my kids came out to cheer me on! Thanks guys, it was a blast seeing you along the way and finishing with the kids. My team at TriZones was also SO awesome. They are so supportive of everyone literally. We all stayed and cheered until the very last person finished. It just made me so proud of women and how strong we are and that we are stronger than we think!!

Pics coming soon!

The swim part went pretty well, I didn't get discouraged in traffic, just accepted it and swam faster when I could and when there was room. The bike portion felt really good. Most of it went really well, there was a little more traffic than I expected, most of whom had no idea how to stay right for passing, but no big deal. Only had one hiccup, I was about to get stuck on one bad steep hill when I couldn't downshift and some angel fell from the sky and gave me a quick push so I could pedal so the the gear would drop and then I was fine. Not sure who it was, some volunteer at the bad corner. I am sure that wasnt legal, but I dont care. I struggled very much with the last mile of the run, Coach Leah "pulled" me up the last big hill when my body was telling me to stop and walk!! Thanks Leah! After hitting the top of that hill I felt fine to trek to the finish line. I had done that hill in practice and it didnt seem -that- bad, but I had just hit a tired spot and it was kicking my butt.

Finishing was awesome and I felt great within a few minutes. It was fun to hang out with my family and to hang out with all the awesome TriZoners! We even got to hang out with Olympian Sheila Taormina! Neeto! She congratulated all of us first timers that were cheering with TriZones personally.

Anyhow, I finished about mid pack like at Skeese. I had been hoping to get in under 2 hours, as I had set as a general round number goal. With a total at 1:55:35 I just made it! Yay!!!

 HALL, REBECCA  Bib #1156  F  35-39 AUSTIN, TX 78750

Overall Rank Class Rank Swim
Trans1 Bike
12 mile
MPH Trans2 Run
3.1mile (5K)
830 of 1976 163 of 326 00:23:15 682 00:05:50 00:47:43 823 15.0 00:02:43 00:36:03 969 00:11:37

Tags: tri

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