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Pool party

The 16th of May was also Mike's birthday. Yay! A few weeks ago we had a party for him and Travis out at his parents' house for both of their birthdays. The week before his birthday Mike spent three days partying in Vegas with some of his guy friends. On his birthday there was a neighborhood poker game that a bunch of our friends had bought into at a school fundraiser. The moms had thought about going but we didnt really feel like all finding sitters so instead the moms and kids all got together for a pool party while the dads were gone at the poker party.

It was a rainy day but stopped by the evening so we were able to party on. The kids swam for a long time and then we propped them all up in front of a movie and the moms got some hot tub time. Woohoo.

My three flying kids!!





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Jun. 1st, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Oh I love pools with slides!!!
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