September 23rd, 2009



I am a month behind in updating my journal.   I am going to attempt to do a little catching up over the next few days.    Between family travels, Mike traveling, school stuff, tri-training, and life in general with three busy kids I just havent had time to sit down and sort photos and write entries.   I like to keep it up though as it's really the only "scrapbooking" type of thing I do for my family and kids.   So anyhow, sorry if I flood people's friends pages the next few days.

August Beach trip to Gulf Shores

My friend Becky decided she wanted to go to the beach this summer and asked if we wanted to join them. Luckily our schedule worked out so we could go together. So the week before school started we all piled out to Gulf Shores Alabama for some surf, sun, and sand! In the end we had less sun, but lots of surf, sand and FUN!
We decided to fly our plane since it's quite a trek to get there so we packed light, basically just clothes, suits and towels and headed out. Each family got their own condo in the small Southern Sands building in Gulf Shores AL. A nice beach front condo where you just step out onto the beach. Perfect for lots of kiddos. We had a great time!


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See the whole trip start to finish on my flickr!!

First day of school!

On August 25th Andrew and Tracy headed back to school! Andrew to 4th grade and Tracy to 2nd grade. They are both happy with their teachers and I am hopeful for a good and successful year.

We are back to our routine of riding our bikes to school.

Loren didnt start school until right after Labor Day, but since I am so late in posting this I am just going to combine her first day pic with this entry.
Loren started her last year of preschool this year. She was very excited to start school and loves to go. She is loving learning her letter sounds and beginning reading and writing.

Depeche Mode

I was a big Depeche Mode fan back in the 90s. (Yeah I know, that was SO long ago! wth?)
Anyhow, when I heard they were touring this summer I decided to go see them in concert again. I've seen them 6 or 7 times in the past all over the country. We got tickets for the show up in Dallas since they weren't coming to Austin. We invited our friends Eric and Tracey to come along. We decided to fly up, get a car, go out to dinner, hit the concert, and then fly home. Everything went perfectly and we all had a great time. Dinner at the Bronx Cafe recommended by a friend of Mikes. The concert had a lot of old classics and was a great time. Gahan scrawny sweaty in black, Gore in eyeliner and shiny silver, Fletcher stoic at the keyboard-- some things never change. I had a few flashbacks to being 21. That's fun! The flight home went especially fast because I was sound asleep. Ha!

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Tiny biker.

Sept 4th Loren had meet the teacher day up at her school to get ready for the school year. She decided instead of riding in the bike trailer that she really wanted to ride her own bike up to school. I ran along with her to help her along, but she basically rode up to school and back on her own! Go babygirl!
Here's a pic of her riding. I have some videos, but I was running while taking them and they are nausea inducing, so I'll skip those.