July 10th, 2009

yay calvin

Sister visit day 1!

My sister and family came to visit for a week. It was great to see them and we all had a fun packed week.
Tuesday we went to our neighborhood pool where on Tuesday's they have "chillin' n grillin' " with a live band and outdoor bar and food.
The kids had fun swimming.

Cousin Sam getting some air off the diving board!

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New Three Kids

Sister visit Day 2. Games 2U!!!

Last spring I won a video game truck party at the school auction fundraiser for a really great deal. It was only good for a weekday party so I didnt really want to use it during the school year so I decided to throw the party while my sister and kids were here just for something fun to do.

This big video game theater truck came that had four large screens inside and two large screens outside for playing video games. It was pretty cool. We all had fun playing games and then when the truck left we had a big backyard barbecue and party.


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Sister visit Day 3 part 1.

Thursday we decided to go for a boat ride on my parents boat. My parents had to move their boat from their own dock over to a nearby marina because their personal dock is sitting on dry ground due to low water levels in Lake Travis. We headed out there for a little lake swim and boat ride.

Getting ready for boat ride.

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Day3 part 2

Thursday night we went to the Express game. It was a fun game. The Express won in the bottom of the 9th inning with a home run to break the tie! Exciting game! Unfortunately the post game fireworks show was a bust. For the first time in the 8 years we've had fireworks season tickets the fireworks controller broke and they couldnt do the show. They shot off a few manually and then ended it. That's okay we've seen lots of fireworks there!


My sister and I

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dora maraka

Friday aka day 4

Friday Kate and family hung out at my parents house during the day and Mike flew up to Dallas to pick up the Spells to bring them down to join in the party. Becky has been a best friend since I was about 10 years old and is part of our family so it was great to have them down to visit with us while Kate was here. That evening we all met up at the Oasis for some drinks and appetizers and a little music on the terrace before heading back to our place to hang out.


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4th of July

Saturday morning Mike took, Katie, Dave, Sam and Tracy up for a plane ride. It was pretty hot out so it was kind of bumpy but I think they enjoyed getting to see some sights from up there.

My next door neighbors invited us over to swim in the afternoon on the 4th of July. They were kind enough to let 14 of us show up to party in their backyard! (Yes between the three families that's 8 kids!) We had a little barbecue first with a bunch of food leftover from the barbecue on wednesday and then with the Spells and Olsons headed next door and swam for a few hours and hung out with our next door neighbors.  It was a perfect activity for the group on a hot afternoon.

After that we headed out to Highland Lakes Marina to sit on the lakeshore and watch the fireworks. We watched fireworks that were put on by Volente Beach. They shot them from Starnes Island in the middle of Lake Travis right out from VB. We had a perfect view from the marina next to VB and had the little beach area basically to ourselves so the kids could do whatever they wanted and not bother anyone.


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The gang. Day 5.

Sunday Mike took the Spells back home so we took some group pics before they left!


Ok, now everyone BE SERIOUS!


I'm pretty sure I have some others without the dog's butt in them, but she wouldnt go away. Oh well.

Day 6 Volente Beach

Monday we decided to head to Volente Beach for some pool fun. We had considered something more adventurous like SeaWorld but decided to do something close to home. VB is less than a mile from my parents house and they can park at the marina they moved their boat to which is actually closer than VB's own parking so it's super convenient.


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