June 18th, 2009

drwho happy

Pool pics

Cross posted from facebook, but that's just how I roll so deal.

Today we went over to a friend's house to visit and play and go for a swim in their pool. I broke out the underwater camera case and took some pics and video. What fun! I should do that more often.


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calvin hahaha

Vacation fun

We've been partying, lets just say "a lot" so far for summer vacation. I love all our friends and just having time to spend time with all of them is so wonderful. Last friday we left six kids together with babysitters and headed out with the parents. We all went to see the movie "The Hangover" Holy smokes was that the funniest freaking movie ever. It was just raunchy hilarious fun. After the movie we went to drive go karts at Putt n Funn. After my first round I got in a double car with Mike and he was driving and so I was bored and was playing with my camera and did a "dash cam" and made a little video.

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