June 6th, 2009


Tracy's First Grade Evening

Near the end of the school year Tracy's teacher decided to have a First Grade Evening of Expression where the kids would showcase the books they had written, art they had done, sing a song, and if any kids could play instruments or sing they could do that too. They made it fancy with candles and tablecloths and punch and finger foods and asked the girls to wear dresses and the boys to wear a shirt and their dad's tie. It was pretty cute. Tracy and I got dressed up.


Tracy wanted a curly updo so I did my best.

Here are some of her books she had made.

Tri Hard!

Tomorrow morning bright and early. Er, no, dark and early, I head out for my first Danskin Tri. I am pretty excited. I am recovered from being sick this past week, so I am feeling good about how I'll feel for the race.

A few weeks ago I posted about doing the Skeese Greets Tri. I just wanted to post a few photos from that tri that I didnt post at the time because I hadnt taken them. I got copies now.

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