May 6th, 2009


Boy Scout campout

April 25th-26th Andrew's Cub Scout pack had a family campout. We packed up the family and our tent and headed out to the Lost Pines Boy Scout camp. Andrew had a rough time the first half due to an allergy induced asthma attack and us not having his inhaler. After finally getting him some meds he started feeling better and we ended up having a great time. There we lots of our close friends all at the campout too which was a lot of fun. There were activities for the boys to do during the day, a delicious dinner of fajitas for the whole pack, a funny campfire where the cubs told jokes and performed skits, spending the night in the tent while it drizzled outside, a nice sunny morning with breakfast, and then we headed home.

Andrew got to try out archery as one of his activities.

Girl Scout sleepover

Friday May 1 Tracy and I had a Girl Scout Leader/Daughter sleepover. It's a fun activity just for the leaders and daughters as a kind of thank you for being a troop leader. Tracy and I grabbed some sleeping bags and headed out. It was held at a house at a church that you could borrow. We had a delicious potluck dinner and then played all sorts of games, made some swaps crafts, sang songs, and had fun!

Mother and daughter

We played a game called teepees and indians where the kids had to crawl through their parents legs and run around the circle if indians was called and the moms had to run in a circle if teepees was called. Some of those moms were pretty hardcore, taking people out to get to their spot first. It was totally hilarious. I was cracking up so much.

We kept the kids up until midnight with games, songs, and a movie. Then we all crashed. In the morning we had muffins and bagels, cleaned up the house and cruised back home. It was a fun special time to spend with just one of my kids.

Skeese Greets my first Tri!

Sunday morning I got up before the crack of dawn and headed down to New Braunfels to race in my first ever triathlon. I am training for the Danskin triathlon which is in about a month but the Skeese Greets triathlon was this weekend and it was a shorter distance that I was pretty confident I could complete easily and I wanted to get over the first time jitters and practice transitions and stuff like that before the big Danskin race so I decided to do it.

I had a total blast. Training with a group of people is so awesome because even though it's an individual sport it's like you have a huge team there with you. I got to rack my bike with all my friends and hang out with them before and after the race. They all did so awesome it was just the neatest thing.

I learned a lot from doing my first race and I am glad I did one before Danskin. I need to position myself better for the swim start, and I can push myself a little harder on the bike and I can still run. I'll actually attempt to do faster transitions. This time I just kind of meandered in and changed and went to the next thing, probably can improve those.

Here are all of my stats.

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I might just stick with this sport for a little bit, it seemed so impossible to me and just the fact that I could finish this short one felt great!! I hope to post some pics soon if I get some.

ETA: One of my funny memories was being hungry enough to eat the giant free cheeseburger they were giving away and then realizing I had just eaten a giant cheeseburger at 10am.
New Three Kids

Busy weekend partying also!

After the girl scout sleepover, we headed home and Mike and I cleaned up the house, did some yardwork, and invited our new next door neighbors over for dinner. They are really cool people. We just had pizza and beer for dinner and they brought a cheesecake for dessert. It was fun hanging with them. I only had one beer since I had to get up at 5am and race the next morning! After they left I packed up my bike in my car, packed my transition bag and headed to bed.

Since I hadnt had a busy enough weekend yet, after the tri on sunday, the family all headed over to Mike's mom's house for a party! We had a little get together for Travis's birthday a few days before and for Mike's birthday which is coming up soon. Travis's fiance made home made lasagna that was SO delicious. Dottie made gooey cake and chocolate peanut butter cake. Yummy! I definitely replenished all the calories I raced off that morning!!

Before that party we took Andrew to Goodwill to try and find something to use to make him a costume for his living museum monday morning. It turned out pretty good for a last minute throw together.

After little sleep both friday and saturday night, fighting off some sort of illness that was leaving me headachy and sore throaty (NOT swine flu), yard working, racing, partying etc I was EXHAUSTED and crashed not long after putting the kids to bed sunday night.
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New Three Kids

Living Museum

Monday morning Andrew's whole third grade put on a Living Museum. All the kids chose a famous person, it could be anyone from Einstein, to Mark Twain, to Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride, basically anyone famous. They researched the person all on their own, wrote and memorized a speech and then dressed up as that person. Then they all had cards with their names and red buttons on them and you could go up and press the button and they would give the speech as that person. It was really cool to see all the kids all dressed up and really excited about being their character. Andrew was Christopher Columbus. This was his costume. It was kind of a quick throw together but got the job done, I thought he looked so cute.


They were supposed to do the museum again at night during Gallery Night but that had been canceled due to all extra curricular activities being canceled during the flu scare.