March 28th, 2009

calvin ohno

Hail Hail


On Wednesday we had hail. Big hail. Mike and I werent home so our cars were out in it.

They got damaged very badly. Massive dents, shattered windshields, etc. We're waiting for insurance adjusters to find out if they will be repaired or if they will be totaled. Mike feels his is likely to be totaled since it's so old. Mine is pretty old too but not quite as old, and hopefully will get fixed, though that still could take a long time. I am glad no one got hurt. I am a little sad because I really love that car.

At home our roof needs replacing, our skylight broke onto Loren's bed, the trees got all beat up leaving a mess of sticks and leaves covering everything. Deck heater all bent up, swing cover shredded, etc. Though honestly things dont look too bad at the house.

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Last petal

My Daisy Scout troop earned their last Daisy petal today. Here's Tracy in her tunic with all the petals on it. Yay! Her activity patches are all on the back, her swap pins are on the pockets.


At our meeting yesterday, one of the activities we did just for fun was to make slime and silly putty. It was HILAROUS. We were all cracking up so much.

calvin hahaha


Mike, Andrew and I were watching TV last night while the girls were off playing. Tracy comes bounding in and says, "Hey check out my face! I painted it!"

Oh yeah, she did. Mike, Andrew and I just crack up. Tracy is hilarious.

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