March 22nd, 2009


Wednesday Spring Break

On wednesday the kids and I went out to lunch, went out for ice cream and then went over to Teri's house to play. While Andrew and Travis were playing boy stuff like making forts and lego vehicles, Teri got out all her jewelry making/beading stuff. Tracy and Loren made their own necklaces and bracelets. They had so much fun picking out the prettiest beads and stringing them up. What a fun treat!



When Mike was done with work he came over too and Teri cooked up a delicious dinner of babyback ribs and veggies. We enjoyed some margaritas and then after dinner we invented a peach dump cake that turned out pretty yummie for dessert.
New Three Kids

Spring Break Thursday

We didnt do too much thursday. We played in the backyard and went to the park for a couple of hours. The weather was gorgeous. Andrew and Tracy were roller blading and Loren was riding her bike at the park. India dog was walking around looking for deer poop to eat. EEW!

Andrew was playing with my camera and took this picture. Kinda neat looking for just a tiny point and shoot, not my big SLR or anything.

After we left the park we went home and my mom came over to watch the kids so Mike and I could go out. We went to Zach Scott Theater and saw Shooting Star. It was an enjoyable romantic comedy of sorts. We always enjoy the intimate small round theater at Zach.  We ate a super fast dinner at the Schlotzkys next to Zach Scott before the show.  It was a fun night out!
yay calvin

Spring break Friday Fiesta Texas

Friday Teri and I took our kids down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Mindy and her family were there too so we hooked up with them for part of the day. It was a beautiful day, the amusement park was the most crowded I have ever seen, but we had a good time anyway. There were crazy lines for all the big rides (we're talking 1-2 hours per ride) so we only did a few, but there were manageable lines for some of the smaller rides and kiddie rides.

Loren piloting a Wiggles airplane.

The kiddie area in the foreground and some of the main rides off in the background.

Tracy and Loren riding horses Yeehaw!

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After we got home and put the kids to bed Mike and I watched the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. They did a really great job, it was a great finale to an incredible series.

Spring break saturday

Saturday I threw a party at the house to wrap up spring break. Four or five families came over and we hung out, had some grub and drinks out on the deck, and talked outside in the beautiful weather while the kids all played.

Tracy and her friends were cracking us up because they were taking all the toys out of the toy box under the playscape and making what looked like modern art with them.
Isn't it beautiful!

After sundown we all sat around the firepit and talked and then roasted marshmallows and made s'mores until everyone was so tired. How is it that we seem to have more food and drink left after the party than we started with?

Tracy left the party and went home with her friend Sarah to have a sleepover. Then we tried to herd Andrew and Loren to bed.
calvin ohno

Spring break Last Day

Sunday is the last day of spring break. I admit the kids and I are dreading heading back to school tomorrow. Especially the getting up at 6am part. Sucks!

Anyhow moving on...
Sunday Tracy stayed at her friend Sarah's house most of the day. She had a sleepover there and they brought her home in the late afternoon after a fun day with her friend. She had a good time.

Andrew and I went to Learning Express to get his friend Miles a birthday present and then we headed to Main Event for his Rock Climbing birthday party. Andrew is getting really good at rock climbing. He was having me time him climbing some of the easier walls and he was ringing the bell within 30 seconds of leaving the ground. He had a great time.