March 3rd, 2009



A few weeks ago Andrew had his Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. He did a little skit and earned his Bear patch so now he moves up to Webelos for next year. This month we are getting ready for the pinewood derby.


Yes, Andrew is kind of the hippy kid in his den.

New Three Kids


India is a pretty tolerant dog.

She'll wear sunglasses without flinching.

And she'll serve as a pillow and love it.

Weird perspective on that second one makes her rear end look huge! Poor girl!

New Three Kids

You make me want to walk. Like a Camel.

Ok, so no one will get the subject except Mike. (and other fans of Southern Culture on the Skids) But anyhow.

Me and camel.

A good friend of mine threw a blowout awesome party this past weekend for her son's birthday. They had a guy come and bring animals to show the kids. He said he was bringing a baby camel. It wasnt a little baby. It was a big old camel. We all thought it was the most hilarious thing ever to have a camel in her backyard.


Last tuesday night Mike, Andrew and I went to see Coraline 3D. It was a cool movie. Andrew and I had read the graphic novel adaptation of the novel and he wanted to see it and I love the Henry Selick movies and stuff so I wanted to see it. We went on a weeknight because we had not got around to seeing it and it was getting kicked out of the 3D theaters on friday by the Jonas Brothers movie and I didnt think there would ever be another chance to see it in 3D. Andrew got to stay up extra late on a school night and we left the girls with Mike's mom. It was a fun night out.

Here's Andrew in his hip 3D goggles in the theater. (crappy dark room phone pic)

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