February 14th, 2009

leaves, fall


Last week Loren asked me to rake up some of the leaves in our yard into a pile so she could play in them. The three kids all had fun jumping and swimming in the leaves. They also liked hiding in the pile and popping out!



World Thinking Day

Last sunday was the Girl Scouts World Thinking Day. I took Tracy and one of her friends to an activity put on by our council of troops for the day. They learned about the culture, foods, games, etc of the countries Costa Rica, Fiji, Ireland, Jordan, and Kenya. They tried diferent kinds of food and drinks, some they loved and some they didnt, but they tried everything. They made some crafts and played some traditional games of these countries. They had a lot of fun.

Here they were trying some food.

Here they were playing a game with some rhythm sticks, a Kenyan game.

I had Loren and Andrew with me since Mike was out of town and Loren got tired and fell asleep. Andrew was waiting in the lobby playing his iPod so I had him hold Loren for me. Good big brother.


Loren was playing around with her magnadoodle while we were waiting for Andrew and Tracy to get out of school. She brought it over to me and said, "Mom, I wrote this for you, it says Love!"
I didnt even know she knew how to spell love.

Love you too babygirl!
yay calvin

Animals animals animals!

Today we visited my friend Tom's farm. He lives just a few minutes away from us and we decided to take the kids to visit his animals. He has horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, dogs, cats, etc. He even gave us a batch of eggs from his chickens!

Loren really liked this little goat. She followed it all around.

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