January 16th, 2009

New Three Kids

Going to make some January catch up posts.

I havent posted in a couple weeks and I have some fun pics and stuff to share so I think I am going to do a little catch up posting. Andrew and Tracy have a four day weekend so we have some relax time which is always fun. They had an end of semester teacher work day today and then MLK day off on Monday.
New Three Kids

Horton hears a Who!

A few weeks ago we were at Joe and Mindy's house and all the kids were playing a game together. They were playing a game called Horton Hears a Who. It's a board game and when you land on certain spaces you have to put on a Horton hat and walk, run, jump, or crawl and find a clover, pick it up with your trunk and run back in a limited time to earn a Who. It was hilarious.


New Three Kids

Family night out

Last friday we went to Tim and Teri's house for dinner. The kids all played together and the grown ups got to relax and chat all evening. It was a great night relaxing with fun friends! Tracy and Loren were playing with this plastic expanding ball toy. Teri told Tracy that she could get inside it if she wanted to. So she did... too funny.

Rock on!

Last month I got our family Rock Band for our Wii. We were busy over the holidays and didnt get a chance to get it out. A few weeks ago we finally got it out and set it all up. Dude, this game is so much fun!! I love playing the drums the best. The guitar is fun too.
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