January 6th, 2009



Sunday afternoon we took the family and my parents to the Erwin Center to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We had a lot of fun. The show was truly stunning to eyes and ears. It was such a fascinating blend of screaming electric guitars, electric violins, drums, keyboards, and a classical string sextet playing classically based songs. They went through a Christmas Eve story collection and then for the last hour they just rocked out playing classical music songs with the most amazing dueling keyboardist jam and rockin guitar jams combined with a dazzling pyrotechnics, light, laser show that left us all with our jaws on the floor.

The kids behaved very well for what ended up being a nearly 3 hour show, though the girls both took some naps during the show since it was kind of long for their attention spans. How they managed to do that with the lights and sound I have no clue.

We had taken my father partly as a gift for his birthday and he said he loved every minute and it was truly amazing. The kids made him some homemade birthday cards and then after the show we took him and mom to Macaroni Grill for dinner. He said it was one of his best birthdays ever!

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New Three Kids

Back to "normal"

After 2 and a half weeks of complete sloth behavior, partying, staying up late, sleeping in, etc. We headed back to our normal schedule monday morning.

Up bright and early at 6am I got dressed and at 630am after much violent shaking was able to get the kids up. Once they were up they survived the day just fine and still had plenty of energy after school to get their homework done and play wii fit. We had Macaroni Grill leftovers for dinner and actually got them to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday morning they still werent thrilled about getting up and the continued cold and rainy weather wasnt helping. But as is with Austin weather in the winter, if you complain about it long enough it will change! By this afternoon it was in the 60s and sunny so we had a nice walk home from school in the nice sunshine. The kids went to TKD this afternoon and Andrew played tons of Wii fit. Maybe it's really going to make him fit if he does it all the time!

Wednesday through friday it's supposed to get up to the 70s. Yes I love it.