December 10th, 2008


Crazy silly weather!

Tuesday Dec 9th was just a plain weird day. We rode our bikes to school at 7am with no coats, it was nice and warm. By 1pm the temperature had hit a swampy 81 degrees to hit a record high for this date in Austin.

Within a few hours of that a cold front moved in and the temperatures plummeted and the wind picked up. On my way home from going out to dinner with some friends it started sleeting and snowing! It had just been 80 degress a few hours previous so the roads were warm so the snow wasnt sticking there, but it started sticking to everything off the ground.

It started covering the deck.

I couldnt resist and made a little snowman.

The kids were excited to see some snow in the morning when they woke up. Just a dusting is a rare occurrence down here. It was especially bizarre for it to occur on the same day we had record heat.

My other snow pics are on my flickr.

Deck the Halls

Last weekend we put up the Christmas tree.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids love to open the ornament boxes and get so excited for every one.   "I remember this one!   This one is my favorite!!!  Awww, this one is cute!   Hey, remember when I got this one???"   It's so much fun seeing them remember them all as they open the boxes.    The kids decorated the tree all themselves.   It's not all color coordinated like the fancy trees at the store, but it's decorated with love and happiness and memories, it's decorated with "Christmas" to me.

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Elfed kids.

I elfed the kids. Then the kids came to watch their elf selves dance to disco and dance to country. They laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. It made Mike and I laugh and laugh. Even though we were laughing more at them laughing than at their elf selves, it was still funny. I love my little elves, and there's nothing better for the spirit than a big family laugh session.

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