November 15th, 2008



Monday Andrew turns 9 years old.  Yes 9.  That's HALF of 18.  He's halfway to a legal adult.  wow.

Friday night we threw him a birthday party.  We  all had a total blast.  We had kids and parents and family and everyone over and partied in the backyard.  The kids played on the trampoline, in the yard, and on the playscape.  They also played cornhole and bolotoss.  The adults got to hang out on the deck and enjoy our deck fireplace since the cold front was starting to come through.  It felt so good.   We grilled some burgers, dogs, and brats for dinner and then had cookie cake for dessert.  I had a couple beers and a s'more.  woo!  Andrew raked in some fun presents too, plus some birthday cash he used to get a video game today.

Here's Andrew blowing out his candles.   And -yes- the three in the middle still lit in the photo were trick candles.   They re-lit like 10 times.  All the kids were cracking up.

I love having parties.  I need to come up with more excuses.

loren eyes


Loren walked into my office tonight and said, "Mom, Help! I'm stuck!!"
I turned around to this...

Yes, I eventually helped her after taking the photo.  I mean the camera was right on my desk where I was sitting. ;)
What a good girl who went up to put her jammies on by herself without being asked!