November 5th, 2008

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It's not about race. Exactly.

There are a lot of people saying how this election is not about race.   Ok, so it isn't.  But, we Americans just elected a black man as president of our country.  The very fact that it ISN'T about race is what is monumental about that.

Despite the fact that this quote is all over the internet, I can't find an accurate original source, it was simply attributed to "a wise man"

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Barack Obama could run. Barack Obama ran so our children could fly.”
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November so far

November has been tons of fun so far.  No stopping for a break after Halloween! 

Saturday the 1st my friends and I hosted a bridal shower for Mike's brother Tony and fiance.  They're both triathaletes/marathoners, and she's an Ironman, so the shower was race themed.   I helped out some but the other couples that helped put it on were so creative and it was a ton of fun.  We all had "race to the altar" race bibs and had three silly races that were marriage themed, with all sorts of hilarious props.  That's what I made the silly race cake for.

On Sunday, a friend of ours took the kids out hiking and playing while Mike and I went to see "Caroline or Change" at Zach Scott Theater.  We both really enjoyed the play a lot.  It was very well done.  We typically are fans of comedies and dramas and less so of the musicals, but this was not a song and dance musical, it was a sung-through drama that was thought provoking and emotional, not showy.   The performances were great including some chills inducing numbers that were really touching.

On Monday, I picked up Andrew from his after school video game programming class (which he loves!) and we headed out to Waterloo Icehouse north for his end of season baseball party.  We all sat out on the porch and they have a big field and playscape out behind the restaurant which worked out great.  All the boys got to play for a couple hours and enjoy being with each other without the structure of practice and games.  All the parents got to relax and have a beer and enjoy the company.  I really enjoyed Andrew's baseball season this year, it was a great group of boys, a very good, knowledgeable, patient coach, and fun parents.

Tuesday we went back to TaeKwonDo after missing a week due to schedule conflicts.  Tracy is really improving in her confidence and leadership in class.  It's so great to see her taking the lead on getting some of the kids through harder patterns.  She is just so timid so any strides she makes in outward confidence just seem huge to me.  I think it's so good for her.

Wednesday morning after taking Loren to school I hooked up with some neighborhood girlfriends to walk around the neighborhood.  We started a few little walking/running groups to get us motivated to get out and exercise more.  I may want to run more, but having people to go with and at least getting my butt out there is a huge step and I can always run more afterwards if I want more of a workout.  Today it was fun walking a few brisk miles and chatting with friends.

I was going to post some pictures from us hanging out tonight but I'll have to do that later as they are taking a zillion years to download so I'll do that in the next post!

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Hey we got a trampoline!

So as a joint birthday present for all three kids, we got a trampoline for the backyard. We all love it. Yes, mom and dad jump too! We got a crazy new fangled state of the art springfree trampoline that is quiet and safe and fun. It just has flexing fiberglass rods, no springs, but feels just the same.

Yes, the trampoline is up in the flower bed because I dont want to have to move it every time I mow the lawn, and that part of the bed needed relandscaping anyway :) And no I havent finished putting gravel on the weedblocker because I am lazy.

Mike can jump with the kids and if you get the timing just right he can nearly fling them out of the top. It's funny.

The kids called me out to the trampoline yesterday and told me I needed to take a picture of this bug. So anyway...
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Three kids

Wild and crazy kiddos.

We live on a golf course, and, well, it's technically for golf, not a playground. But hey, once dusk comes the golfers all leave.

What remains is wide open space and soft fine grass. And combine that with fabulous weather equals kids running and laughing.

The kids went nuts running all around. There were herds of deer that kept wandering just a bit too close and the kids would all take off running after them and the deer would all start bounding away and then would spook some other deer and they'd all start sproinging and then we'd all laugh and laugh.

Here's more pictures of us enjoying the beautiful evening outside, er being hoodlams on the golfcourse.

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