October 24th, 2008


The big 7

Wednesday my little Tracybug turned 7 years old.

Sunday we had a little backyard barbeque with a few families over for her birthday party. It was pretty relaxed and fun, with perfect weather and nice friends. We had some chicken fajitas for dinner and the kids all played out on the playscape and the adults just hung out on the deck. Tracy got lots of cute crafty presents. We had a big cookie cake. Mike and Andrew played a joke on her and put relighting candles on it. She didnt get mad but seemed confused :) Then she wanted a do-over with regular candles. I thought that was funny.

Wednesday on her birthday I brought her lunch and went and ate lunch with her at school. My mom came with me for lunch, plus Dottie popped into her classroom to tell her Happy Birthday too. I think she really liked getting special attention at school that day. I let her choose where she wanted to go for dinner. She picked Fazoli's. I told her we could go to a nice Italian restaurant if she wanted to, with a waitress and stuff, but she was not interested in that at all, just wanted Fazoli's so that's what we did :) Then a stop at Sprinkles for a treat.

She opened the last of her presents from us. I got her mostly small stuff, some books and stuff and some Pixel Chix little electronic toys. The kids all got a giant group birthday present which I'll talk about later.

Here's Tracy opening her presents on Sunday. Stamps, Dot Art, Journals, all perfect stuff for her!! Oh, and a pink dragon Webkinz! :)

Wow, 7 years. Tracy has grown into such an intelligent sweet girl, I am very proud of her!
Sometimes it's hard to believe when they start like this....
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In the goodie bags for Tracy's little birthday party I stuck these little trays of colored sticks of clay. The sticks from my kids bags have ended up in a bowl on the kitchen table which is just fun because everyone just sits around and randomly plays with it and makes stuff and the clay never dries out. Andrew a few days ago came up with a "make your own Cootie" using the clay.   It made me smile.


outside in.

My kids constantly bring tons of outside things inside. You know, things like rocks, acorns, pecans, sticks, leaves, etc.
Loren brought this in yesterday.

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