September 23rd, 2008

loren eyes


After Andrew's baseball practice tonight we went and had some subs for dinner.   After they ate their subs I told the kids we could get small ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.

Loren proclaims, "Oh MAN! SWEET! I love Dairy Queen!"

Though it's even funnier since she cant say S very well.  It actually comes out as  "Oh Man!  FWEET!  I love Dairy Queen!"
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I screwed around today hanging out with my friends and didnt make it to the grocery store.  I figured I'd go after I put the kids to bed.  Only it's past -my- bed time and Mike is still out partying (er I mean on a business dinner) so I havent gone.   Hmm.  I guess we'll be having granola bars for breakfast.  Oh well.