September 10th, 2008


Saturday partying

Last Saturday we had a lot of partying to do!

In the afternoon we went to a pool party barbeque at my mother in laws house.  We had a great time hanging with family and friends and as it turned out it was a party for Marisa and my birthdays!  It was a belated one for me because I was too busy around my birthday time to have one and I thought this one was just for Marisa so it was a surprise for me.   We ate sausage and fixins and had cake and ice cream.  The kids swam for hours and had a great time.  It was a beautiful day.

After that party was over we headed up to Walburg for another party.  A big group of my girlfriends and I like to get our whole families together now and then.  We all met up at Walburg Beirgarten to hang out and listen to live music and drink beer and party.   There were 8 or 9 whole families that made it this time, it was a great turnout.   This place is a big outside bar and pavilion with stage and dance floor and big areas of picnic tables and stuff.   It was great seeing all my friends I dont see terribly often and we had fun hanging out.   It's so family friendly since all the kids can just run around outside and not bother anyone.  All the big kids had a great time playing with each other.

Loren apparently drank too much, as shortly after we got there she passed out on a picnic table.

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We had a lot of fun saturday at both parties!

Sunday Mike headed out for Boston and San Jose, talk about getting around.  Texas to Boston to California to Texas is quite the haul!!

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crow rain

Rain? I'll believe it when I see it.

Back when Hurricane Edouard was swirling in the Gulf the forecasters were telling us we were going to get boatloads of rain.  After a sweltering dry summer us Austinites were all, "Bring it On!"

We got nothing.

Now, they were forecasting that Hurricane Ike was going to slam in to Texas and head straight for us and we were going to get tons of rain.  Again, we are all, "Bring it On!"   Seriously, Lake Travis needs some filling, so yeah, be gentle to the coast, but then bring us some water over here!  Now they are saying the hurricane is going to hit the coast further north and then turn straight north right when it hits and go east of Austin.  It's a decent sized storm so it could still get us, or heck the models could be wrong and we could still get slammed. 

But for now, I'll believe it's going to rain when I am standing outside and getting wet.  (and one of my children isn't holding a hose)
loren eyes


Yeah, I call Loren babygirl.  And probably will forever.  Such it is being the last of the brood.  I think I picked up the phrase from Bernie Mac.

Anyhow, back to the story.  Apparently she is getting into the habit of table sleeping.    I mean there was this.  And then on tuesday evening while I was making dinner, babygirl was getting tired.  She told me she was cold so she went and got her coat and put it on.  She sat down at the kitchen table and next thing I know....
*snooze*          Poor thing.    Too much preschool is wiping her out!