August 20th, 2008

New Three Kids

August ramblings

Criminy, its been a long time since I posted.  Having all three kids home for the summer and a husband gone most weekdays to California just gives me very little free time.   We have all been having a great summer though.  I am not really looking forward to going back to getting up at 6am everyday and having scheduled activities and homework from dawn til dusk, but alas it comes soon.  I actually think the kids are kind of ready to get back.  I mean they won't admit it but we are starting to get slothy and lazy instead of excited and invigorated by the freedom of summer days.  I think it might take getting back on schedule to break out of it.

What have we been doing the last few weeks.  We've seen a few plays, Mike and I went to Altar Boyz and The Clean House at Zach Scott and we took the whole family to the Seussical Musical.  We've been to baseball games.  Mike and I are remodeling the downstairs 1/2 bathroom.  Hopefully it will be done soon and I'll have some pics.

August 10th was Mike and my 12th wedding anniversary.  For our anniversary we got each other a new washer and dryer.  We are so romantic.  Our other set we got as a wedding gift a few months before our wedding so it was about 12.5 years old and was starting to have a few problems.  The bearing in the dryer drum was going out so it made an awful racket.  Ah, gotta love doing laundry for five.

My 35th birthday is coming up friday.  Remember when you were a kid that age seemed "old" ?  like REALLY old?  hahah.  Still going strong. And I still get carded buying alcohol.

Andrew and Tracy have meet the teacher visit on the 25th and head back to school the 26th.  Loren starts the next week.  She will be going to her regular preschool MWF and also to a little preschool at her gymnastics place on T-Th.

This fall Andrew will be doing taekwondo, baseball, boy scouts plus a game programming class.   Tracy will be doing taekwondo, gymnastics, girl scouts and I hope that's all.  She was also considering soccer or art but I just dont think we have time this semester.  Crazy kids.  They talk about parents pushing their kids to do too many activities.  I have to make my kids NOT do stuff.

Tracy has finally lost both her front baby teeth.  She had already lost four on the bottom with adult ones back in their place, but the top front ones were hanging in there and starting to look black, eeew.  They both fell out in the last week or two.  Now we get to enter the beavertooth stage.  teehee.  Kids' teeth crack me up.

Ok, I'm going to go feed the kiddos and go to bunco tonight.  I am taking advantage of a weekday where hubby is in town to abandon him!  Poor daddio.  Though the kids would like to have time to hang with him too.

Rain. Woot.

Oh and one other update.  After something like two months with no rain, our neighborhood FINALLY got a ton of rain.  We got almost three inches last night.  My lawn was brought back from the brink of death and now is perky and green.  Well except for a few patches, but they'll fill back in.  Just in one day everything looks so much more alive outside instead of dry and dead after this blistering hot summer.