July 8th, 2008


slight miscalculation

So I went out and partied with my girlfriends tonight. Mike's brother Travis came over to babysit. The kids were SO thrilled. Uncle Trav is THE coolest. (well tied with Uncle Tony!) When I left I told Trav the kids could stay up and play and not to worry about putting them to bed. I didnt think this all the way through.

Normally I come home from girls night out partying to a quiet house and I sit in my buzzing, delighted, refreshed state and relax and think about how good I have it. Tonight I got home and then Marisa and Dottie and Travis left. So there I was in my mellow buzzing state sitting and relaxing and the kids are all, well, still up. I wonder what would happen if I snuck up and went to bed.

Oh, hmm. Apparently Andrew would fall asleep on the couch. I can't carry him asleep. I guess he can sleep there tonight. I should check on Tracy. She is doing her typical take 45 minutes to brush her teeth thing. Loren wants food. She wants food every 10 minutes all day long.

Later peeps!