July 6th, 2008


I knew they were magic.

Loren has a touch of a cold and has been a snot factory today.

Loren just ran in here all excited and said, "Hey Mom!  I am eating some M&Ms and they are making my cold go away!"  *beam*

I always knew M&Ms had special powers.

Lots of summer fun

Tuesday night we went to "Tunes at the pool" where our neighborhood country club pool has a live band and dinner out at the pool.  The kids swim and play and we have dinner and I sit and have a beer and chat with friends and watch Loren and make sure she doesnt drown.  It's a good evening event and it's nice for me to have those when Mike is gone so the days dont seem eternal because we have something to make the last few hours go quickly and happily.

Thursday night we started our Independence Day celebrating early with a trip to the Express baseball game and their Independence Day fireworks show.  (They played away on the actual 4th, so they had it a day earlier)  It was a fun game.  The Express won 6-3 and the fireworks were stunning as usual.  They have awesome fireworks for every friday home game but they have even better ones this time.  Mike got home thursday afternoon so he got to come party with us.

Tracy being patriotic :)

I didnt have any tripod so I just had to hold really still, but I still got some decent fireworks pics.

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Independence day

Our local neighborhood country club is really struggling. The club is like 30 years old and kinda run down and has a bunch of old dude members and they are running out of new members to give them enough money to maintain all the facilities they have. They are trying to do things to get the new younger residents of our neighborhood interested in joining the club. This year they decided to throw a big 4th of July party. We decided to go and it ended up being a great time!

All day long there was swimming, water slides, dunk tank, and fun activities. We spent hours swimming and playing with the kids. Then they served a poolside buffet of burgers, hotdogs, and chicken plus sides like corn on the cob, watermelon and chips. They also had a live band starting dinnertimeish from 500-830. After all the swimming and dinner we decided to run home and clean up and put on dry clothes and then head back to the golf course for the fireworks. I had fairly low expectations for the fireworks since it's just a neighborhood club, not some big city thing, but since we had seen a big show the night before and this was literally right in our neighborhood I really wanted to go to this show. Wow!! My expectations were blown away! It was an awesome show. We sat on the grass right next to where they were being shot off. They didnt go necessarily as high as some of the big shows, but the display was exciting and intense and awesome and crazy the whole way through and lasted for a long time. It wasnt just like one shot and then wait and then another shot. It was just tons going off all the time, and they were interesting different and fun types. I was so impressed with the whole party that the club put on. I do hope the fun day they gave to the neighborhood will help people be more interested in joining up. (They are considering selling off holes for development if they dont get more money and no one in the neighborhood wants that)

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Overall it was a great 4th. Food, fun, friends, swimming, fireworks, all the classics!

I know that our country has a lot of problems and there are lots of ways it could be improved, but it's still a great country and we love living here!


Saturday Mike and his buddy Blaine decided to have an impromptu afternoon party/barbeque. They decided to have it at Blaine's house since they have a pool and all the kids like to swim all the time. (It's not like we swim enough;) So we piled over there for the afternoon and had some sausage and brisket and sides for dinner. There were 5 or 6 families that showed up even though we gave them no notice. It was fun. Lots of kiddos swimming and hanging out and beer drinking.

Sunday morning Mike got up early and took Andrew and Tracy out water skiing with Blaine and his kids. They had a great time! It was their first time water skiing. Andrew actually made it up and skied a little bit. Tracy got up once but fell and didnt get a chance to try again. They all did have a ton of fun tubing behind the boat. That's easier for kids their age to just hold on and have the crazy ride. I'm sure we can get them up on skis soon enough.

Sunday afternoon we spent working on our motorhome. We arent using it but some friends of mine are borrowing it for a few weeks for their summer trip and it just had a few maintenance things to do and its always good to check out all the various systems to make sure everything is working right. There were a few things that needed fixing so Mike ran it up to the RV shop and him and Eric decided to take a quick plane ride since the RV shop is up near the airport where we keep the plane.

Mike should be home soon and then he is packing up to head back to San Jose in the morning. woo! He's coming home wednesday night and we leave thursday in our plane for our Maryland/Michigan vacation.

Man this has been a crazy busy fun summer!! I'm pooped out.