dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

New patio/ play court

Once again I am weeks behind on blogging, but I like to update it anyhow so my yearbooks have the main stuff in it.

A few weeks ago we put in a concrete slab in the backyard to use as a patio/sport court/play area. The kids love it, they draw hopscotch boards, ride scooters, etc on it. It was a part of the yard that had gravel from an old playscape and was just crazy overgrown and ugly so this made it into a really useful area instead of just an eyesore area of the yard. I still have landscaping to do around it, but we'll get there. We also put a small slab off the side of it to put a little shed on that is nestled in the bushes so it's not visible from the main yard. It'll give us good yard working tool storage.

There was no way to get a concrete truck anywhere near the area so a pump pumped it through a big hose from the truck on the street.

The kids had lots of fun watching. Loren was confused, she wondered why they were dumping all that mud in there.

The kids put their handprints in the back corner of the slab :)

All done!

Later on Mike and I put up a little shed off the side of the main slab.

Flickr set of more pics here
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