December 12th, 2005

New Three Kids

the weather here is bipolar or something

The weather outside is absolutely beautiful today.

Now this is great.  But, HELLO! Four days ago we had an ice storm and my deck was a sheet of ice.  Now it's tshirt weather.  This is why I have trouble with the cold weather here.  I just don't get a chance to get used to it before it gets warm again.  Oh well, at least I got to get back on the bike today, felt great out there.
New Three Kids


Last week during the cold snap I gave one of our crossing guards a cup of hot chocolate because he looked so frozen. Today he gave me the cup back when we went to cross and there were some Hershey's kisses in it. That was awfully nice of him! (My kids call those candies horsey kisses) Well anyway, later at home I went into the office to work on my Christmas card newsletter and left Loren in her high chair eating some crackers. A few minutes later Andrew walks in and says, "Mom, you should probably come into the kitchen, it looks like TROUBLE." So I headed in there to check it out. Tracy, being the sweet generous person she is, had gotten a horsey kiss for Loren. HAhaheheh!