December 7th, 2005

New Three Kids


It's not so much the cold but the swing... Tracy wore shorts and a tank top to an outdoor party on saturday. Today Andrew is out on the deck trying to ice skate in his sneakers. The deck is almost completely iced over. I think the cold wouldn't be as shocking if I had a minute to get used to it before it turned ass cold. We froze our butts off just walking across the street to the elementary school. And no, I didnt walk or ride today, which is unusual for me, so it must be pretty miserable out.

Normally we always walk or ride home and there's this nice kid who is the crossing guard at one of the bigger streets we cross on the way home. He is always so nice to us and on the way home today I saw him standing out there and he looked absolutely frozen. We were in the car and we zoomed home and made some hot chocolate in the microwave really fast and poured it in a thermos cup and drove back up there and handed it to him. It made him smile and hopefully warmed him up a tiny bit! Then we came home and made hot cocoa for ourselves! Yummmmmmm!!

Maybe this evening it will be time for a fire in the fireplace!

Mike was supposed to fly out this evening for a business trip to Colorado. He found out this morning that his tickets had been moved to around 1pm because Austin Bergstrom was closing at 2pm and all flights after that were cancelled. Apparently Bergstrom Airport does not even HAVE de-icing equipment so if it's freezing rain they basically have to close. So anyway, as far as I know he made it off before the worst got here. Though where he's headed I think its about 0 degrees. *shiver*